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Upcycle for Charity

Support Hills and Falls Nursery School by upcycling (donating) no longer used electronics ... It's the new & easy way to give!

Upcyling (donating) your upgraded and outgrown electronics helps up to fund tuition scholarships and school enrichment programs and improvements!

Have you recently upgraded to a new iPhone, Smartphone or Droid?

Do you have iPods, Laptops, Notebooks, Kindles/e-Readers and Game Consoles that are no longer in use?

How many video games have been outgrown that are now sitting in drawers?

Donate them today!

It's three simple steps: Click the "Donate Now" button, Find your items (over 60,000 accepted), and Ship for free!

Your donation is 100% tax deductible!

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Thank you for your support!