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Upcycle for Charity

Spring Fling and Upcycle your used electronics to create funding for Sailors, Marines and their families facing parsonal hardships, family emergencies and other financial crisis.

Spring is here! It's time to clean out garages, closets, shelves, drawers, and other storage places of outdated and no longer used electronic devices and gadgets. When Upcycled, these items from your home or office will make a difference to Navy and Marine Corps servicemembers and their families. Military life is unique. You live and work where assigned. You may not have supportive family nearby. You show up for duty, no matter what. The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society provides financial assistance to acitve duty and retired Sailors, Marines and their families for food, diapers, car repairs, shelter, emergency transportation, and other basic living expenses. Your junk could do a lot more than collect dust - it can become an interest-free loan or grant. Please donate your used consumer electronic gear today. See how easy it is to Upcycle. Click on the GET STARTED button and start your Spring Fling today!