Mail-In Program

CI makes it easy for anyone to raise funds for a cause
without writing a check. Collect qualified devices and request
free shipping label(s) using your customized donation link.
Full transparent reconciliation reports are provided.

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Large Collection Program

Host and/or sponsor a collection event! Engage employees
and communities to Upcycle retired electronics to
raise money in support of a non-profit, cause, or charity.
CI will work with you to plan a successful event and provide
you with promotional materials and shipping & labor logistics.

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Corporate Upcycling

Corporations Upcycle to bridge environmental stewardship, corporate responsibility, sustainability, and philanthropic giving without writing a check.

Employee Engagement

Engage employees to Upcycle their retired devices in support of corporate philanthropy.

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Upcycle Fest Collections

Engage communities and raise revenue for a non-profit, cause, or charity by hosting an Upcycle Fest collection event. CI will work with your organization to help strategize, create promotional materials and provide shipping logistics.

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Sign-Up to Upcycle

Non-profits, charities, and causes sign up to Upcycle! CI provides no-cost programs to engage all spheres of outreach. Supporters Upcycle (donate) retired consumer and corporate electronics in support of your fundraising goals. Upcycle programs are 100% tax deductible, keeps e-Waste out of landfills, have unlimited free shipping labels, DoD/HIPAA compliant data destruction and e-steward certified recycling.

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e-Waste Facts

Improperly disposed of consumer electronics create a toxic wasteland that threatens the health of every living thing. Upcycling protects the environment by providing a safe and responsible alternative to dispose of used electronics.

Health Hazards

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Upcycle for These Charities