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We know that every Cause has a unique genesis, personality, purpose, opportunity and set of challenges.  We also know that every cause touches the heart of the individuals who support it.

Causes International, Inc. was created to help our clients who are dedicated to helping others.  Causes International offers creative programs that promote Sustainable Creative Giving

We bring our expertise, ideas and committed work ethic to each and every project we undertake.      

No Cause is more important than yours.

“We customize innovative fund raising campaigns that promote social conscience as well as environmental responsibility while honoring and respecting the heart and core values of your mission.”  Julie Shane, CEO

We work closely with our clients key members and complement the tireless efforts of their volunteers and staff members alike. 

Help us to help your cause  

Our process begins with an in-depth interview to ensure we capture the essence of your campaign.  In addition, we gain a clear understanding of your structure, volunteer system and total outreach. Building on those three components we create a detailed fundraising plan, marketing campaign and implementation calendar. In some cases we are able to multiply your current outreach ten-fold creating an exponential increase in fundraising potential.