About Us

Causes International is a green cause marketing company that was founded on two key principles:

First, to help eliminate the devastating effects of improper disposal of eWaste on the environment and its inhabitants. Second, to offer a web based revenue generating solution to various causes in the United States and throughout the world. Causes commitment is to help our clients who are dedicated to helping others. No Cause Is More Important Than Yours!


Focused on Sustainable Creative Giving™, Causes International provides innovative Upcycling campaigns to generate revenue for our clients regardless of the economic climate. We do this by promoting the re-use and re-purposing of small to medium size consumer electronics and gadgets in environmentally responsible ways.

Our easy and intuitive Upcycling solutions help organizations reach their fundraising objectives. We offer our client’s custom web based technology that provides a new way of developing revenue streams throughout the calendar year. Our Sustainable Creative Giving™ campaigns give each client a way to create much needed funding as well as the tools to foster the funding programs in an environmentally responsible way. Reducing the harmful effects of toxins created by improper eWaste disposal is central to our commitment to the charities/causes we serve as well as their donor’s.

Our Mission

To empower our clients and their donors to change the face of charitable giving with a green and easy way to make a contribution to the causes that matter most to them (without writing a check!). We provide safe and responsible programs for Upcycling items for re-commerce which produce funding to important causes while ensuring the earth and its inhabitants are protected.