What is Upcycling?

Upcycling is the new way to give!

Electronics Upcycling is the intersection of sustainability and charitable giving.

The idea behind Upcycling is to donate your used gadgets & devices to your favorite cause or charity. Upcycling re-purposes no longer used electronics and extends the life cycle of devices and gadgets like smartphones, iPods, DVD’s, Video Games and 60,000 other products.

When you donate your used electronics they are refurbished and re-sold and this creates funding for your cause.  It also keeps your devices out of landfills. Upcycling is the easy, safe and responsible way to be green while making a difference.  You’re supporting your cause and you’re protecting the planet.

Do the right thing.... Do the green thing.
Have you recently upgraded to the latest and greatest device or gadget? Do your children have “like new” consumer electronics they no longer use? Do you have any used iPods, cell phones, or game consoles lying around and taking up space in your desk drawer, closet or children’s room? Are you convinced there must be a better way to handle all of this electronic clutter? Do you wish you could find a way to do some good with the valuable items you no longer use? Upcyle them!

Upcycling is the smartest way to turn used consumer electronics into something very good and very green. When you donate your used electronics you create funding for your cause and their important initiatives while ensuring that your used electronics are responsibly and safely handled. It’s a double dose of Good & Green!

We’re committed to offering the highest value for your donated items so your cause gets more funding, and we make it easy and convenient to donate your used consumer electronics.

Not only do we help your cause create more funding through our innovative Upcycling programs we also promote re-use and re-purposing by keeping these used items out of landfills. Now your cause can receive a contribution while you do your part to keep the world green!

Click here to donate your used electronics today http://www.causesinternational.com/donate