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Greenovate Boston’s Upcycling Panel

Each year, Americans throw out close to 3000 pounds of waste. Come hear about how some Bostonians are reinventing trash as treasure, from transforming unused shipping containers to hydroponic farms, old t-shirts into quilts, and how you can upcycle e-waste & retired electronics into charitable giving without writing a check.

How does upcycling compare to recycling? How do shipping containers become hydroponic farms and old t-shirts turn into quilts? How does upcycling electronics create funding for non-profits and charities?

Join us at District Hall, Tuesday September 16 from 6-7:30 PM to hear from a panel of Boston entrepreneurs and experts who are transforming trash into treasure!

Speakers include:

Brooke Nash (MassDEP), Municipal Waste Reduction Branch Chief

Brad McNamara (Freight Farms), CEO/Founder, Freight Farms

Ross Lohr (Project RePat), CEO/Founder, Project RePat

Julie Shane (Causes International), CEO/Founder, Causes International

Upcycle fest brooklyn NY

Upcycle Fest: Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY

Have an old TV you want to get rid of? How about that PC that is taking up closet space? Brooklyn  residents and businesses are in luck! Dump your old electronics at Prospect Park on October 27-28.
Businesses, Schools, Individuals…. Upcycle for free and help support the New York City Parks.
Clean out your desk drawers, closets and office shelves and join thousands of New Yorkers for Upcycle FestTM! Bring your outdated electronics to Prospect Park, Sunday, October 27th, and Monday, October 28th and drop them into the designated trucks where they will find a new life after being Upcycled. This sustainable solution to the buildup of old electronics helps to decrease the negative global impact that throwing out devices has on our environment, all while helping to support City Parks Foundation and Prospect Park Alliance.
“Every New Yorker I know has old cell phones and electronics that they don’t know how to dispose of,” said Alison Tocci, President of City Parks Foundation. “We are thrilled to be able to offer a safe and environmentally friendly option for people to recycle these items at no cost and by doing so support the work City Parks Foundation does throughout the five boroughs.”
The Upcycle program is run by Causes International, a green cause company committed to environmental stewardship and charitable giving. Upcycling creates funding for non-profits and charities by extending the life cycle of donated consumer and corporate IT electronics. The process is safe, secure, and guarantees 100% data destruction while preventing items from going into landfills, poisoning the planet and all that inhabit it.
“Prospect Park is the perfect location for Upcycle Fest™ and we are very excited to be an integral part of the first one in New York City,” said Emily Lloyd, President of the Prospect Park Alliance.  “Upcycling in Prospect Park allows New Yorkers an opportunity to recycle their old electronics sustainably, while at the same time raise funds that help the Alliance maintain ball fields and playgrounds, restore historical structures and landscapes, and protect wildlife habitats.”
Sunday, October 27th 9am - 2pm
            3rd Street Entrance off Prospect Park West - walk-ins
            Willink Entrance -Drive-in drop-offs
            Grand Army Plaza safety zone - walk-ins
Monday, October 28th 8am - 2pm
            3rd Street Entrance off Prospect Park West - walk-ins
            Willink Entrance - Drive-in drop-offs
            Grand Army Plaza safety zone - walk-ins
            Bartel Pritchard Lot - walk-ins on Monday only
City Parks Foundation (CPF) is the only independent, nonprofit organization to offer park programs throughout the five boroughs of New York City. We work in over 750 parks citywide, presenting a broad range of free arts, sports, and education programs, and empowering citizens to support their neighborhood parks.  Our programs and community building initiatives reach more than 600,000 people each year, contributing to the revitalization of neighborhoods throughout New York City.
The Prospect Park Alliance (PPA) partners with the City of New York and the community to make Prospect Park the beautiful place Brooklynites know and love. We care for the natural environment; preserve historic design; provide facilities; and host events, programs, and activities throughout the year for all New Yorkers.
Causes International (CI) Causes International is a green cause Upcycle company, that turns e-waste into funding for non-profits, charities, and foundations without anyone writing a check. Causes’ Upcycling programs bridge environmental stewardship, sustainability, and philanthropy and provide organizations turn-key solutions at no cost.
What can you bring to Upcycle Fest™?  Below is the scope of products collected:
  • Apple products (all)
  • Cellphones (all makes and models)
  • Smartphones
  • Computers (desktop and laptop)
  • Cable/Satellite Receiver
  • Commercial Printers
  • Computer Peripherals (Keyboards and Mice)
  • Consumer Printers
  • Cathode Ray Tubes
  • CRT Monitor
  • CRT TV smaller than 40 inches
  • CRT TV 40 inches or Larger
  • Digital Picture Frames
  • Digital Converter Box
  • DVD Player
  • DVR/Tivo
  • E-Reader
  • Fax Machine
  • Flat Panel Monitor
  • Flat Screen TV smaller than 40 inches
  • Flat Screen TV 40 inches or Larger
  • Gaming Consoles
  • Video Games
  • Handheld Audio/Video
  • iPod/MP3 Players
  • Notebooks (Laptops)
  • Scanners
  • Monitors
  • Mice
  • Keyboards
  • TV’s
  • Cameras
  • Video Cameras
  • Small Server
  • VCRs
  • Wire (Cords from Compliant Devices)
Contact: Nora Lanning / City Parks Foundation / /
(212) 360-8205
Contact: Eric Landau / Prospect Park Alliance /[email protected] / (718) 965-8953

Contact for information about Upcycling: Julie Shane / Causes International / / (781) 444-8800