Help Raise Funds for the Red Cross and Win an iPad Mini!

Causes International is giving away an iPad Mini! Why such a great prize? We want to raise money for the Red Cross for the Tornado disaster relief in Oklahoma. We also want people to Upcycle their old devices so they don’t end up in the landfill and pollute the water and soil. You can do all this without writing a check!


If you Upcycle 1 device you will get 10 entries to win! Don’t have a device you can donate? That’s okay! Help us spread the word and you can enter to win too. You can follow us on Twitter (2 entries), Like our page on Facebook (2 entries), or Tweet about us (2 entries daily per tweet).

Upcycling is so easy. Data destruction is 100% guaranteed and HIPAA compliant.

1. Go to this Red Cross Fundraiser link
2. Enter Device info
3. Print FREE UPS shipping label and ship
4. Use your confirmation number to enter to win the iPad mini

Enter Here to Win the iPad Mini!

or visit our Facebook giveaway page.
What devices will give the most to the Red Cross?
Any Apple product (iPhones, iPads, iPods, MacBooks), smartphones (3 years or newer), tablets, and Laptops.

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