Online Program FAQs

Upcycling On-line Donation Program

Q: What is the difference between Upcycling and recycling?

A: 1: Upcycling is free

2: Upcycling keeps your outgrown electronics in the life stream

3: Upcycling creates funding for a charity or cause


1: Recycling is not free

2: Recycling is for end of life products with no secondary market value to be properly disposed of.

Q: What is Electronics Upcycling?

A: Electronics Upcycling is a way to raise money for your charity or cause without anyone writing a check. Upcycling takes gently used electronics, transforms them to look new and re-purposes them back into the secondary market.

Upcycling gives no longer used electronic gadgets and devices that still have value in the secondary market a higher purpose by extending their life cycle and keeping them out of the waste stream while creating funding for your charity or cause

Q: How do I start an on-line Upcycling Program?

A: Register your as a charity/non-profit, school, affiliate/business or individual on line. You will receive a link to activate your account. Once your account is activated you sign into your account and you will have your custom URL waiting for you. You can upload your own logo and messaging or begin using the one provided. You are then ready to start receiving Upcycling donations!

1: Share your custom page using the social media icons at the upper right corner your page and connect to over 300 social media sites. How do you speak to your outreach? Utilize those opportunities to let them know about the new and green way to support you without having to write a check!

Utilize the Tools and Tips to Success on your Dashboard and take advantage of all we provide. Need something created for you? Give us a call. We are here to help you in any way we can!

2: Donors input the electronic items to donate on your custom donation platform and print a FREE shipping label.

3: Donors give the package to a UPS driver, drop at a UPS store, drop the package in any of the 30,000+ UPS drop boxes throughout the country or bring it to your place of business where UPS frequents. All donations are 100% tax deductible.

Q: What if I need to re-print my shipping label?

A: Once you input your shipping information and hit proceed an email is sent to you with another link to print your shipping label, your order number for you to be able to track your donation and other information you may find helpful.

Q:What kinds of items can you donate?

A: We accept donations across a variety of categories


iPhones & Droids (all models), iPod touch, iPads, Smartphones (up to 4 years old), Video Games, Game Consoles, Laptops – both MacBook and PC (up to 5 years old for best value), Tablets & e-Readers and more. Want to donate something not on this list? Let us know what it is. Email us at [email protected] and we’ll investigate it.

Q: What do you do with items that can’t be Upcycled?

A: When an item is truly at the end of its useful life and cannot be Upcycled it is recycled. Our e-Steward recycler has the highest certifications in the industry and is not a waste-to-energy company.

Q: Does it cost anything to Upcycle electronic items?

A: No, it does not cost anything to Upcycle electronics. The entire process is free. Donors click on your Upcycle page, find items to donate, print a FREE shipping label and receive a donation receipt for their contribution.

Q: How long do my donors and I have to send in electronics?

A: Donation values are good for 21 days so be sure and ship your donation once you print your FREE shipping label. If your donation value expires prior to shipping simply return to the site and re-enter your devices to get a new donation value and new FREE shipping label.

Q: What happens after a donation is sent in?

A: Within 48 hours of when your donated items are received each item goes through an evaluation to ensure the condition matches what was quoted. When the quoted value matches the inspected value, we send you an email letting you know. If the inspection value is different than the quoted value, we notify you via email the new value and why it is different. Please note that if you send in accessories with your iPhone, iPod or iPad, they are immediately recycled upon receipt and cannot be returned.

Q: Is it safe to send in a Smartphone or a Laptop, or devices with data on them?

A: Yes! From processing to security to recycling to funding your organization, our entire process is reliable and secure. We do recommend you remove all sensitive data from your electronics. Our processing follows strict U.S. Department of Defense and HIPPA compliant standards for data removal and data destruction on every laptop and Smartphone. Some of the largest companies in the world trust this process. Should you have
any questions you can always reach out to speak with us directly at (781) 444-8800 Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm EST.

Q: How does Electronics Upcycling help us meet our fundraising goals?

A: Electronic Upcycling (donations) gives your donors another way to make a contribution and support you. Our program offers the benefit of a safe, easy and free way to properly dispose of gently used electronics sitting in drawers or collecting dust on shelves in the form of a charitable donation.

Think of how many items people outgrow or upgrade each year. Whether it is a new smartphone or no longer used video games, there are 1,000’s of items that are sitting in homes and offices that are no longer useful to the owner BUT have value in the marketplace. These can be donated to help protect the planet while fundraising for a special program or project. All donations are made in 3 simple steps, are 100% tax deductible and shipping is FREE!

Donors that Upcycle electronics are protecting the planet from hazardous e-Waste while giving back to the cause closest to their heart. We call it a “double dose of good & green!”

Q: What does it take for me to create an Upcycling web page?

A: Go to and register as a charity/non-profit, Business, Affiliate, School or individual wanting to fundraise for a non-profit. Depending on the status in which you register you will be guided to create your Upcycle donation page. Don’t want to customize a page? That’s okay too, one will be made automatically that you can log in and customize at any time. All pages automatically come with a URL link. Send your Upcycle web page URL link to donors, family, friends, colleagues and social network and you’ll be making a difference for the cause you believe in while protecting the planet. Your custom web URL can be posted to over 320 social media outlets directly from every web page you create!

Q: Will CI help us with an Upcycling fundraising campaign?

A: Yes! Each charity/non-profit, Business, Affiliate, School and Individual has a Tools for Success right there on your Dashboard. Use these tools and tips to gain the best adoption! We are always here to work with you! One of our Upcycling “champions” would love to help and has lots of knowledge about how to use Upcycling to maximize your fundraising efforts. To get help with your Upcycle fundraiser you can e-mail us at [email protected]. We will make every attempt to respond to your inquiry within one business day. You may also call us 9am to 5pm EST at (781) 444-8800. Upcycling ..... it’s the green & easy way to give!