How to Upcycle

Causes International, Inc. provides 2 ways to Upcycle:

Bulk Collection Upcycling Programs &
Online Upcycling Programs

Bulk Collection Upcycle Programs:

Minimal Administration Burden … Maximum Results!

The Steps:

• Go to the Bulk Upcycle registration page.

• Within 24 hours you will receive your log-in username and password to the Bulk Upcycle portal

• Start collecting 10 or more: Laptops (4 years or newer for best value), MacBooks (all models), iPhones and iPads (all models—shattered screens qualify), iPods (all models), smartphones (4 years or newer), and tablets. CI also accepts all cellphones.

• Once you have 10 or more devices to Upcycle log into your portal to request FREE UPS shipping labels.

Request up to 10 FREE shipping labels per transaction – Have more than 10 boxes? No problem - log back in and request the additional labels. If you have a large shipment that will require 20 + labels or special shipping and handling, call CI Upcycling support at 781-444-8800. We will assist you with all of your shipping needs.

When requesting your labels you will see an area asking for shipping location. Put the return address in this area.

Shipping Labels with instructions will be sent via email to print.

UPS is our shipping partner. Please choose from the following options:

1) bring the boxes to a UPS drop off center,

2) hand to a UPS driver or

3) bring to your place of business where UPS frequents.

Log in to the portal anytime to track your devices/donations throughout the process—from delivery to completion is approximately 2 weeks once the boxes are received at our processing center.

Upon process completion you will be able to view the data metrics per device and serial number (including data destruction confirmation), and the environmental impact of your donation/s by month, quarter and year.

Remember Upcycle the devices that still have a useful life and recycle the ones that don’t! When you outgrow your devices and Upcycle you nearly doubles the environmental impact of recycling while creating funding for the causes you support!

Register for the Bulk Upcycle Program here:

Online Upcycling Programs

The Steps:

• Register as a Charity/Non-profit, Individual, Business, Affiliate or School

• Once registered you will receive an email with the activation link. Once your account is activated you are ready to start Upcycling!

• Go to to sign into your private dashboard.

You will see:

Primary webpage: Your primary webpage URL is located at the top of this section. It comes with standard language and a stock logo. If you wish to customize the language do so at any time by filling in the blanks. Upload a custom logo and your link is ready to be sent to anyone within the United States.

The Primary webpage is your “global messaging” page. It is not attached to a dedicated event or campaign. You can send your Upcycling URL throughout the United States through the social media icons on the upper right hand corner of your Primary Webpage (there are over 300 social media sites right there on your page!).

Fundraisers: Fundraisers are custom webpages with URL’s you create for specific events, campaigns, and programs.

Create Fundraisers by selecting Create a new Fundraiser Now: Name your fundraiser appears in the URL example:{custom}. The Call to Action is the lead in and action sentence, the public message should encapsulate your what you are asking and why. Once you submit you can then go back to edit the messaging and upload a new logo at any time.

You can send your Upcycling Fundraiser URL throughout the United States through the social media icons on the upper right hand corner of your Primary Webpage (there are over 300 social media sites on your page!).

Remember whether it is marketing tips, creative materials, or overall program details, Causes International’s Upcycling Specialists are here to assist you Monday—Friday 9:00 am–6:00 pm est. By phone:781-444-8800 or by email [email protected]

Register for the Online Upcycle Program here: