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High School Student Upcycles for the JDRF

Wellesley Massachusetts high school student, Luke Arney, wanted raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation to help his ailing brother who lives with the disease. Luke started an Upcycle Fundraiser to create funds for this cause to try to find a cure. By Upcycling retired smartphones, laptops, and tablets, Luke was able to raise almost $700 in a couple of weeks; all without asking for money from donors.

He contacted Causes International and started an Upcycling campaign within minutes. CI provided him with promotional materials and a custom web link to his fundraiser. He spread the word by posting the flyers in school and the local library.

In addition to raising funds, he was able to keep 20+ devices out of landfills and prevented thousands of cancer-causing e-Waste toxins from polluting the planter.

Next Steps?

Luke is launching an online Upcycling campaign to raise even more for Juvenile Diabetes Research with an incentive– for every 25 Upcycle donations, CI will donate a $25 gift card to be won by the pool of Upcycle participants. To help Luke and the JDRF, Upcycle your retired device by clicking on the link below. Upcycling is free to all participants and includes free UPS shipping.

Start your own Upcycle campaign today! Turn e-Waste into charitable giving and help protect the environment.