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Press Release: The Jimmy Fund and CI

Upcycling outdated electronics helps conquer cancer! Used laptops and iPhones create hope and funding for those fighting for a cure.

“Don’t Dump it…Donate it” Upcycle Campaign Inspires Donations”

Needham Heights, MA- Within hours of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute/The Jimmy Fund kicking-off their Earth Day electronics Upcycling campaign donations of iPhones and laptops started streaming in. These items convert to much needed financial support for Dana Farber and The Jimmy Fund to continue ground-breaking efforts to cure and care for a variety of cancers. Upcycling electronics is an eco-friendly way for individuals and businesses to support charities without writing a check. Outgrown electronic devices and gadgets can be donated online and shipping is FREE giving donors a unique way to support the causes they care about while protecting the environment. With over 400,000 cell phones thrown away each day hundreds of thousands of potential donors have the opportunity to do incredible good without expending a dollar.

“We have seen great reception from individuals and enterprise organizations that are excited about Upcycling. People understand that Upcycling is good for charity and good for the environment because it keeps electronics in the active life stream and out of landfills…Upcycling helps everyone-including the donor who doesn’t have to write a check or pay for recycling.” —Julie Shane, Causes International CEO & Founder

The partnership between the Jimmy Fund and Causes International, Inc., is one of many new alliances the company has recently formed that includes Fitness Feeds for Feeding America, and Brandeis University for the Shalupe Foundation. Individuals can also donate to other charities such as, The One Fund in support of the Boston Marathon victims. Florida based Barcardi USA, is also Upcycling for Make-a-Wish Foundation for corporate responsibility month.

Causes International is a green cause marketing company with a unique web based Upcycling platform created to enable non-profits a new way to engage their base of supporters by accepting online donations of outdated electronic devices. Causes International also empowers donors who want to fundraise for a cause by providing custom Upcycle fundraising pages. A simple online registration process is all that is required. Once registered, both non-profits and individuals complete a simple fundraiser template and can begin accepting online donations of outdated electronics in minutes.

Businesses and corporations can also support their favorite charities by Upcycling outdated company equipment and hosting employee Upcycle events.

“Sustainability departments feel confident working with us. We guarantee strict methods for data destruction, are HIPAA compliant, report the disposition of every item by model number and tell our corporate partners the positive environmental impact of Upcycling. Our safe and secure process makes it easy for businesses to contribute to charities by Upcycling.” –Kitty Schrow Dowd, Vice President of Business Development.

To find out more about Upcycling used electronics

visit: www.causesinternational.com

email: [email protected]

voice: 781-444-8800.