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Top 5 Reasons to Upcycle

Need a reason to Upcycle (donate) your old iPhone, iPad, or Laptop? Are these devices collecting dust? Is your 2009 laptop an unreliable doorstop? Do you think your shattered-screened iPhone is worthless? Here are the top 5 reasons why you should Upcycle your smartphones, tablets, laptops, or IOS devices for a good cause.

5. You want to make room in your junk drawer.
Does your desk look like it’s growing tentacles of wires? It’s time to clean out your junk drawer. What? You have a bunch of old smartphones that have been sitting there since your whole family upgraded to the latest and greatest? Perfect! Upcycle them and choose a charity or cause to benefit. Think about it; the desk will be clean, the money can fund something important, and now you have a teaching moment with your kids about the importance of helping others without writing a check. (And bragging to the hippy neighbors about how “green” your family is becoming won’t hurt either.)

4. You are about to upgrade to the new iPhone 6 or latest Blackberry.
The average person upgrades to a new smartphone every 18 months. Last year 80 million iPhones were sold (and even more Android smartphones). That means if everyone who buys the iPhone 6 and Upcycles their iPhone 4 or 5 to charity, it could raise… wait gotta get my calculator… hmm… the numbers don’t go that high. Let’s just say there are a lot of zeros! Think about what that money could do for your favorite non-profit, school or organization!

3. You need to move on.
Hanging on to those old text messages from your ex? There is a reason they didn’t carry over to your new phone. The Digital Gods are giving you a message… move on. Upcycle that phone! It will be therapeutic! You can do it! Think of the good it can do for your favorite charity. And don’t worry about anyone else ever reading the remnants of your past love… all data is swiped and data destruction is 100% guaranteed!

2. You don’t want our future generations to have 3 eyes.
Okay maybe 3 eyes are from some horror movie I watched recently, but the e-Waste health hazards that these devices create by polluting our environment is a REAL issue. Over 400,000 cellphones are thrown out EVERY DAY. Only 13% percent of those are recycled. The rest sit in landfills all around the world and seep cancer-causing toxins into the water and land. We can prevent that! Give that device an extra long life by Upcycling!

1. You want to make a difference.
All kidding aside, you truly can make a difference by Upcycling your outdated devices. It’s the free way to be green and help out a charity. It’s super easy. Whether it’s just Upcycling online or starting an Upcycling fundraiser for that 5k you’ve been training for. There is no cost, shipping is free, and it’s 100% tax deductible. Join other well-known and reputable groups (The Jimmy Fund, Boy Scout councils across the country, Bacardi, etc.) and jump on the Upcycle bandwagon!

For more information go to www.causesinternational.com or give us a call (781) 444-8800. Start Upcycling today. Don’t see your charity you want to donate to? Let us know and we will add it.